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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

 The Brown Envelope

We received our "Brown Envelope" today from the American Consulate in Guangzhou, China. Just another of the many milestones along the way. This envelope contains a letter stating that they have received confirmation that we are approved for international adoption. It also includes all the paperwork to fill out to apply for our child's VISA when we are in country.


Dr. Phil said...

Mark & Anita...Congratulations on the Brown Envelope. My wife and I just returned from China a week ago with our second daughter from China. We were actually gone over Christmas, but we celebrated with all our kids when we got home (we have 5 bio and now 2 adopted). God Bless you as you now are into the hard part...waiting. BTW...I kept a blog of our entire trip from Dec 4th to 27th on our family website at FYI...God Bless You as you move forward to the daughter that God has had for you before the foundation of the world. Phil Eyster

5:10 AM  
Patrick Cook said...

Congratulations on receiving your brown envelope!

I saw a link to your blog in the china-adoption user group last week and was inspired to create my own blog. My wife and I are adopting from China, also. We began our paperchase October 2, 2004. We will be DTC this week. Our story is very similiar to yours. I have kept a written journal since November 30, 2004 which I have transferred to my blog.

Best of luck to you and your wife.

Patrick Cook

2:46 PM  

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