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Sunday, April 10, 2005

 Adoption Saturday

Yesterday was a full day of adoption related activities. We went to our last adoption class for 6 hours yesterday afternoon which was fantastic and filled with good information. We met one couple with the same LID as ours so its possible we have met one of the couples we will be traveling with already. For the most part though, we were further along than most people there so I felt like a veteran of sorts compared to previous classes we have attended. After the class, we had to race off to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert who is a strong advocate for adoption, for those of you who do not know. On this tour he is raising support for Shaohannah's Hope, the organization they started to help overcome the finacial burden to adoption. It was a Chapman concert a couple of years ago that really planted the seed for not just adoption, but an adoption from China. Here are a couple of clips from the concert that are really touching.

What Now (Steven Curtis Chapman)

I saw the face of Jesus
In a little orphan girl
She was standing in the corner
On the other side of the world
And I heard the voice of Jesus
Gently whisper to my heart
Didn't you say you wanted to find Me
Well, here I am
Here you are

So what now
What will you do now you've found Me
What now
What will you do with this treasure you've found
I know I may not look like what you expected
But if you'll remember
This is right where I said I would be
You found Me
What now

What Now

When Love Takes You In


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