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Friday, June 24, 2005

 On Deck

We've been waiting now, somewhat patiently, on referrals for the month of June. It was rumored they were mailed earlier this week so we expected to hear something one way or the other by Monday. Well, I got a phone call today at work and she said she was with Children's Hope International...and I think I stopped breathing for a second. Then, by the tone of her voice I could tell this wasn't a good call. They received referrals today for Log In Dates as late as 12/10/2004 and thus did not receive ours. They only received 3 referrals total which she thought was odd. It appears by looking at the web that this batch of referrals went through 12/21/2004....we missed it by 2 days. Our local Children's Hope office doesn't have any waiting parents with LIDs betweeen 12/10 and 12/23, so that's why they didn't get any more. We are now, without a doubt, what they call "on deck" and will be at the top of the list this time next month (Lord willing).


Adoption Resource said...

Hi there, I wanted to let you know I linked to you from my site. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with this! Thanks

11:37 AM  
Scott and Karen said...


I just found your blog and it looks as though we are expecting our referrals at the same time. Just think, a few more weeks and it will be OUR turn!! FINALLY!! Congrats on your adoption!

Karen in NC
Our Journey to Gwen

11:49 AM  

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