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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

 Take Out Girl

I had my first opportunity tonight to talk to someone from China about our adoption. I am in Maine on a business trip and I went in for take-out at Chia Sen, a Chinese Restaurant in Portand. The lady at the register read my necklance that says "Jesus Loves You" in Chinese. Of course, that conversation led into our adoption story. It seemed very strange for a woman from China to ask me what so many people have already, "Why China?", almost as if she was asking why I would want to adopt someone like her? We talked until my order was done and, though very interested, to my suprise somewhat uninformed about the situation over there. After about 10 minutes, she said thanks for speaking with her and wished us luck and then I left with my food. Looking back, the irony of the situation grows on me, having discussed our "take out girl" with the Chinese "take out girl".


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