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Monday, August 08, 2005


Today we received the traslation of the Chinese documents we received in the referral package last week. Up until now, we had only the photos and knew only vital statistics and that all tests were normal. Here is an excerpt of the translation for little "Wei Wei":

"...Currently she loves to reach the object with bright colors; after she grabs one she puts it into her mouth. She screams or cries loudly if someone takes away the stuff from her. When people call her “Wei Wei”, she smiles at them. She gives loud laughter when she is happy. She loves to go out to streets. She shows a strong interest in everything she sees. She keeps looking here and there with curiosity. She ‘dances’ joyfully when she sees her caretaker, opening her arms wanting to get a hold. She is delighted at seeing her food. She cries when she is hungry or unhappy. She is able to stand straight when given assistance under her armpits. She is able to sit for a while in her sitting chair. Sitting in her walker, she is able to step her feet onto the floor and tries hard to make the walker move. She loves to watch TV. While watching TV, she is focused, eyes opened wide. She has a mild temperament. She is energetic and quick-responded. She is a clean child. She loves to be given a bath. She is very adorable especially when her round face wears a hapy smile."


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