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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

 Almost to China!!

Actually, as I type this, we aren't even over China yet. We are
currently over the Sea of Okhotsk after crossing over Siberia, Russia.
We took the path from New York (got to fly right over Manhatten by the
way), up over Quebec, across the Hudson Bay, over to Alaska and crossed
the Beiring Strait into Russia. It is almost 10 pm CST and we've had
about 2-3 hours of sleep on the flight (not as much as I'd hoped for).
When we touch down, we will need to stay up at least another 6-8 hours
just to get on schedule. We have already had about 4 meals today and
will have one more before its over. We have exactly 3 hours and 11
minutes before we get to Beijing according to the navigation screen in
the seat. We are wearing buttons with Mikayla's picture in it so we are
getting asked all kinds of questions. As you can imagine, there are alot
of Chinese people on this flight heading home. One lady has given us
some instruction on shopping and wrote the shops down in Chinese so we
could give to a taxi driver. I met one other couple on the plane that is
also adopting but I haven't got to talk with them much. Even the lady at
the ticket counter said her son was adopting from China. I was also
amazed to hear two different people say on this flight that there seems
to be alot of people from TN adopting from China. In our travel group
alone of 13 families from around the country, there are 4 families from
Tennessee. Is this a new definition of the Volunteer State? Hope to be
on the ground soon and anywhere but this seat.


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