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Sunday, September 18, 2005

 The Day After

Mikayla just got up and she still has not cried and slept all night
long. I am amazed at how comfortable she seems to be in what is
defintely a strange place for her. Waking up in a room with two strange
white people could be a little frightening :) Last night, I was falling
asleep at the keyboard as I was trying to post the pictures and did not
have the energy to write anything. Apparently, our phone is not going to
work here because I have no service. The internet connection is slow so
I doubt I will be able to post any video, but may try later. We
definitely have more video of yesterday than pictures. Everything
happened so extremely fast yesterday that we couldn't compose ourselves
or have things ready. When we stepped off the plane yesterday, it was so
extremely hot and muggy here. It was about 95 degrees and 90% humidity
but it felt so worse I guess because we were on the runway and parking
lot with the extra heat. The bus did not have good air conditioning so
we were all sweating profusely. We then got to the hotel and had one
hour to unpack and get our things ready to go to the adoption center but
I had to spend most of that time going to the supermarket to get formula
for us and some of the other couples. Therefore, I was late getting back
and we were last to get on the bus. It took about 5 minutes to get to
the center and we all walked in with us bringing up the rear cause I had
to get all my gear hanging off me correctly and then I helped another
mother change the tape in her camcorder. So by the time we got in there,
we were coming in behind the babies, sort of behind the scenes. To give
you an idea, the room where we got the babies was the exact room that
was in the movie that most of you saw "China's Lost Girls", which was a
long narrow room with two parts. We came into the room where the babies
were being held and I stood there taking video from a different bxcvcnt
(Mikayla says hi here as she sits on my lap and pounds the keyboard)
angle of all the couples as they got their babies. So, as Anita said, we
were in the room looking at all the babies and didn't see Mikayla or
didn't recognize her. Then, she appears out of nowhere behind us and
smiles at us immediately. It was so amazing and so chaotic at the same
time. I am going have to end here and finish later today cause we have
to leave for lots of paperwork this morning. So family, we won't be able
to call right now but will try later. Please send us emails. Love,
Mark, Anita, & Mikayla


Kristy, your sister said...

Prayers have been answered!!What a beautiful face and how happy you all look.You are all in my thoughts.I can't wait to see Mikayla's face in person.You guys are proof of how God does provide.I love you all very much and I am thankful that you have taken the time to share so much of your trip with everyone.

4:25 PM  

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