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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Since our last post we have experienced many firsts- first cries, laugh,
restless night, and bath. She cries now when i change her diaper, and
she had a good cry when i put her in her night clothes. Her first laugh
was at the notary office when Mark threw her up in the air. She also
laughs when we plays ball with her and is giggling right now as I type
playing ball with Daddy on the bed. She bit his finger- another first.
She woke in the middle of the night upset but her diaper was clean. She
was up about an hour. We gave her the first bath this morning and it
was traumatic. There is a baby tub here with pictures on the bottom.
She cried the whole time, but was happy to get out and be wrapped in a
towel in Daddy's arms. She does wonderfully in the baby carrier- we
were out all morning yesterday and today and she is content in it. We
experienced Walmart China yesterday. First floor is food and second
floor is basics. There is a ramp escalator between the two. Wei-wei (
we will transition her name when we get home since she responds to her
given name) has two dimples below her mouth in the corners when she
smiles. We visited a palace today that gave a beautiful panoramic view
on Nanchang. We will be traveling to her orphanage tomorrow 2 1/2 hours
away and hope to see her finding place. Mark is struggling with an
intestinal bug so please remember him. We are enjoying parenthood!


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