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Sunday, September 18, 2005

 Forever Day

Praise God and thank you for your prayers!!! She is ours and we are
hers forever!! Today was unbelievable! (And we thought we were
exhausted last night, ha!) Mikayla has not cried the first
time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only time she started to was when we got
back to the hotel with her and just for a second neither one of us was
focused on her. She does not seem phased by anything. Even a 15 minute
long clothes change. When we went to meet the babies, Mark and I were
at the front of the room where all the nannies and babies were, but we
couldn't tell which was Mikayla. We were to be the 10th of 13 families
to be united with our child. after awhile a nanny walked up from
behind us, and I was close enough to look at the baby's ID- Ji Zhou
Wei!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark and I started talking to her while the nanny held
her- we had to wait until they called our names and checked our
passports before she would be handed into our arms. Her favorite toy
was her ID badge. We didnt have time to make a bottle before we had to
be back to the lobby to do paperwork and be able to ask the nannies
questions. She ate Cheerios very happily and liked to play with the
small container. She threw down the toys we tried to give her except
for a very small board book. Mikayla and I sat in the floor and she
mostly entertained herself while Mark did the paperwork. She also liked
to play with the travel roll of toilet paper (if you don't know about
Chinese toilets, i'll fill you in when we get back) She has a runny
nose and cough but she is not fussy. She eats like a horse- rice and
steamed eggs tonight along with Cheerios and two bottles. We got to
spend a few precious moments with the nannies who obviously love her
very much. When we got back to the room after dinner- which I never
managed to be able to hardly eat- she played and played with her
stacking cups. We wondered how to get her to bed- a bottle does the
trick. She is already walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are in trouble
when we get home!!! She is interested in everything- the cameras,
etc. She even went back and forth between me and the nannies without
getting upset! I know you were bathing us in your prayers, and God has
extravagantly answered with a beautiful forever day!!!!



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