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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

 Group Day

Today was another fairly easy day for the most part. I had to wake
Mikayla up so we could get to breakfast on time, she has been sleeping
well despite the night coughs she is having. Mikayla is full of energy
and is into everything and will eat anything and often. It's like she's
been let of jail and sees the world for the first time and wants it all.
There were so many people at breakfast, we had to wait for a table. The
hotel is at capacity with mostly adoptive families. After breakfast, we
had to wait in our rooms for several hours while our coordinators were
at the US consulate processing our paperwork so they could call us if
there was a problem (we didn't have to go for a change). This was
designated playtime in the hall for lots of babies, they made a mess
that the hotel probably wasn't happy with. Everything checked out and
then we were free to leave the room. We did some more shopping after
lunch and then came back for a nap. We are so exhausted, I can't even
put into words how worn out I feel. We then got ready for the group
pictures in the hotel lobby which was sort of a fiasco but tradition.
After that, we went over and had a meal together one last time paid for
by CHI. Two couples will leave tommorow evening after we visit the
Consulate to get the Visa and to take the oath, most of the rest will
leave Thursday morning very early including us. It cannot come soon
enough. We have been so blessed on this trip with safety and protection
and pray that it will continue as we travel home. I posted video of the
Physical exam and some pictures from today on the web site.


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