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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

 Last Post in China - Visa Day

Mikayla has her US Visa and we are ready to come home!!! We went to the
US Consulate today to get the visa and to take the oath saying that all
the paperwork we have turned in is "accurate to the best of our
knowledge". We were not allowed to take pictures inside, I wish I could
have video taped it. There were about 150 people in there taking the
oath and getting visas for their children. It was so nice to just see an
American Flag. We came back to the hotel and had one last dinner in
China down in the hotel. We then did some final shopping for some
artwork to hang up in the house. We have just finished packing and it is
going on 11 o'clock. We have to have our bags out in the lobby at 5 am
and be ready to leave at 5:45. Our flight leaves at 8:20 for Tokoyo and
then to Detroit where we will have to go through imigration and customs.
This is where we will turn in the final immigration paperwork and
Mikayla will be a US citizen as soon as the plane touches the ground in
Detroit, which should be around 12:40 pm CST. We are scheduled to land
in Nashville at 4:15 pm Thursday afternoon. We will call family members
once we get in Detroit to let you know if everything is still on time. I
will also be able to send an email from the airport if we are going to
be getting in late. Can't wait for sweet tea, air conditioning, English
speaking television, football, baseball playoffs, going to Church,
seeing family, and watching my daughter go into her room for the first
time. See you on the other side of the world, Lord willing.


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