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Saturday, September 24, 2005

 Mikayla's Birthday

Today is Mikayla's 1st birthday!!! We just celebrated with all her
buddies from the Jian City Orphanage at a local restaurant in Guangzhou.
We had a birthday cake for Mikayla and Leah whose birthday is also
today. We are now at the White Swan Hotel and thankful to finally have
working air conditioning. It has been such a miserable time the last
couple of days, the service in Nanchang started getting pretty bad. We
went porcelain shopping yesterday and then spent the rest of the day
sweating and packing. We did go out with a few families for one final
Chinese dinner in Nanchang with some local cuisine. I also got a
dragonfly kite for Mikayla's room, I haven't checked to see if it got
broke yet in the flight. The clear glass was broken on my framed
porcelain and one of Mikayla's tea cup saucers got broke, but nothing
else. I hope to ship some of this stuff home via FedEx or UPS rather
than check it on another flight. I went out to get water and to look for
Mikayla a birthday present and I met a girl named "Sweet" working at one
of the shops. She was wearing a Jade cross necklace and she asked all
about me. She started talking about her Bible study and asked if I
studied the Bible too. I told her yes and showed her my necklace and got
to explain how to say Jesus in English, something she didn't know. She
invited us to Bible study tommorow at one of several times. We will
probably go check it out and see what kind of service they have. I do
know that they are not allowed to speak of the resurrection and
salvation but I guess it's better than nothing to get people in the Word
and let them discover on their own. I ended up getting Mikayla a pair of
squeaky shoes that were her size and since she is walking, it made for
good entertainment. She loves them. I see where the hurricane came
ashore in the US, there is a typhoon that is passing just to the south
of us here. We got some of the rain today. Besides church and laundry,
we don't have anything we have to do tommorow. I wish I could say I
could sit back and watch some football and the race, but not only don't
we get it here but it won't come on till we go to bed tommorw. I am so
ready to come home...


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