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Friday, September 23, 2005

 Missing home

Our last full day in Nanchang and it couldn't come any sooner! We stay
hot and sweaty since there is no air conditioning in the hotel common
areas- dining room, lobby, hallways- or in any of the local restaurants
or shops. I am missing so much of home. I realized this is the longest
we have gone without going to church worship in several years, and I
yearn to be with a body of believers singing praises to God and hearing
the Word. We don't realize how blessed we are to have 3 services a week
to sustain us. There is a church in Guangzhou that has service in both
Chinese and English that we hope to attend. It is non-denominational,
but the Chinese have to register if they want to attend and then they
can get a Bible. They use the Bible, but they don't preach salvation
through Jesus Christ. I miss communication with my family. I miss my
dog, and Mark and I both have said to Wei-wei, "No, Amy." I miss
vegetables. I miss drinking water and brushing my teeth from the tap.
I dont miss TV, which we haven't watched since leaving home. I miss
having a place for everything and everything in its place- well, most of
the time. Tomorrow is Mikayla's 1st birthday, and we plan a party in
Guangzhou with the 12 other families in our group so stay tuned....


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