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Monday, September 26, 2005

 Shaiman Island

We are having a good day today on Shaiman Island- land between rivers
here in Guangzhou. We got Mikayla's VISA picure made this morning and
then went and had her medical exam. This was really rudimentary (how do
you like that big word) She weighed 20.4 lbs and is 75 cm long, had a
normal temp, could hear sounds on either side, and they opened her
diaper and barely looked at her parts. She only got upset when the
nurses took her from me to weigh her and she didn't see us. We shopped
some buying a dress for her dedication and chinese night clothes, a
puzzle of China's provinces. We also got a very small pearl bracelet
that she is wearing now- looks so sweet. She had her first puke before
lunch today right after she had her bottle. We handled it well. She is
down for a nap now, HA, HA, she is playing in her crib. I am finally
feeling better, the congestion is not in my head anymore. We got to see
soldiers practicing hand to hand combat today on our walk to the
medical, but we were not allowed to take pictures or video. Yesterday
an armored vehicle was at the bank next door and there were two,
seriously packing, soldiers on either side of it. The White Swan Hotel
is quite breathtaking with jade sculptures, porcelain artwork, silks, a
koi pond and waterfall, fresh cut flowers everywhere. We are definitely
more comfortable here, and I realized today how very close we are to
heading home!! Then more change for Wei-wei. We did see her concern
when we changed hotels- she was very clingy and uncertain about her
surroundings, but she is fine now. Getting her to bed and diaper
changes have become easier. Mark is the bottle maker and I am the
diaper changer- I definitely got the wrong end of that deal, literally.
We are off for a Thai dinner tonight and hope to squeeze in a massage
before we leave- only 8 dollars for 50 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some
things in China are better after all.


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