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Thursday, September 22, 2005

 Slow Day

Yesterday was a slow day for us, we needed the rest. I needed to be able
to have more than one cup of coffee at breakfast, we've been so rushed
all week. We skipped the countryside tour, though I have posted some of
the pictures another couple took. We decided to walk up the street to
the pedestrian walkway, which is a closed down street with shops on both
sides. We bought some clothes to wear for all three of us and a Chinese
dress for Mikayla next year. We tried not to do too much shopping here,
but we had nothing else to do. It was really nice and cool here, but
very windy. Because of this, yesterday was the first day we had people
coming up to us telling us to pull the pants or sleeves down on the baby
if any skin was showing. Yet, you got other kids running around with
their butts and fronts hanging out in the split pants. Anita now has a
cold but I am feeling better. One of us had to go down and do a bunch of
paperwork, but Anita needed to take a nap and the Mikayla wouldn't, so I
took her with me in the carrier (we have better diapers now). I was the
only parent with child strapped to my chest as I did paperwork (she
slept through the whole thing). Afterwards, we had playtime in the hall
with several other babies. Here we found out why Mikayla is bigger than
some of the other babies her age from the same orphanage; she steals
food. We did more walking practice and she can now walk about ten feet
unassisted. Anita had her walk a certain distance, turn around and come
back. We also had a good bath in the sink where she actually had fun
playing with the bubbles. Today is our last full day in Nanchang and we
go to get Mikayla's passport. We are also going porcelain shopping.


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