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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Today was a pretty easy day, nothing official to do. We took our time
getting up and ready to go to breakfast (though Mikayla was up at 6 as
usual and we got her a bottle). I took our laundry over to be done and
then we went to the local church. It was pretty interesting to see and
great to be a part of. The place was packed and they sang 3 songs in
Chinese and one in English with words projected on a screen. After that,
a message was taught out of the book of Jeremiah. They did reference
Jesus as Christ and spoke of his sacrifice and of forgiving sin, so I am
not sure of the information that I am getting but it seemed to not be
restricted on what they could say. I got up and took Mikayla out early
and bought a Chinese translated Bible for her as a keepsake and then
talked with one of the musicians who was standing at the gate. His name
was Aaron (Moses' brother as he pointed out) and he was selling
Christian music CDs (country, gospel, contemporary) and he told me that
he was doing this because they were not allowed to sell them in the
store. He was amazed when I told him that I was from where all that
music was recorded. I told him that I would not buy one so that he could
have more to sell to those who don't have access to it. The rest of the
day we just spent shopping and napping and now I am up late typing this
note cause they just dropped off the laundry (it's a quarter to
midnight). There was a huge media circus here tonight due to some Hong
Kong government people here or something. There was at least 2 dozen
reporters and as many camera men running around and police cars outside
the doors. Guangzhou has definitely been a nice change from Nanchang, it
is much more comfortable and the hotel is 10 times better. We go to take
Visa pictures and get the medical exam in the morning which should be a
stressful day for both parents and babies. We ran out of minutes on the
cell phone, which now works in Guangzhou. I will look for another card
tommorow. In case you haven't been looking, there is additional pictures
and video on the web site.


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